Caravan Repairs, Garbutt

General Services

In this wide open and dynamic terrain Caravans can be put under all kinds of different pressures and strains. Our repair service is wide and varied, tackling each job with a new point of view. Below are just a few of our specialities:
  • Replacing hot water anodes
  • Fitting tow aides and Anderson plugs
  • Leaking windows
  • Leaking roof hatches
  • Changing broken door locks
  • Blocked A/C drains
  • Testing and replacing clearance and marker lights
  • Replacing broken drop down legs
  • Installing sliding pantry shelves
  • Replacing caravan doors and access doors
  • Sealing screws under j-mould to prevent water leaks
  • Wynguard antennas fitted
  • Annexe walls fitted
  • Access doors for extra storage
  • Slide outs for BBQ and outside sink
  • Drop down table
  • Wine fridge
  • Storage bins
  • Checker plating

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