Repair Services


CaravanMart Townsville recognises different needs for different people. We will listen to understand your specific needs and interests and explain options enabling you to make an informed decision resulting in a solution completely suited to you.

We are constantly working with our clients to achieve high quality solutions first time, every time. We will ensure our high standards are always delivered. By using the right equipment and materials and constantly up-skilling our professional team we ensure their performance remains at the leading edge of the industry.

We genuinely want satisfied customers, so our team will keep you informed at various stages of your repair and service to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

Suspension & Chassis

As CaravanMart Townsville has evolved from the off road caravan and camper trailer manufacturing world, our team offer the experience you need for any suspension or chassis upgrade or repair. If you need any modifications or repairs carried out on your existing suspension or chassis we are the team to talk to.

Whether it is a single or tandem axle, independent, coil, leaf or air suspension, our experienced team can offer you affordable solutions you need.

12Volt & Solar Solutions

Whether you intend a short getaway or heading to the centre of the Simpson Desert, it is essential to have an efficient power supply. You may wish to run refrigeration, audio, lights, pumps, phone and laptop chargers, a television or a 12v fan. These items determine the size of the system that is right for you. Solar panels are available in different sizes – the larger the panel size or area, the greater the electrical output.

Our experienced team at CaravanMart Townsville can help you make decisions which will result in more stress free and comfortable adventures. If it is repairs or an upgrade you need, our team is here to get it done and get you back on the road again as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

How did you cope with the weather on your last journey – too hot or too cold? Was your refrigeration, air conditioning and heating effective?

You may wish to install a new roof top, split system or reverse cycle air conditioner, more effective heating or more simply a couple of 12volt fans. We will repair, service and install refrigerators, air conditioning units or heating to meet your needs.

Custom Modifications & Fabrications

Need something changed or is there something not quite working the way you envisaged? Is your van a little old and tired and needs refreshing? Maybe you need a larger fridge or need to upgrade your kitchen, shower or toilet facilities, need more storage solutions or modify the sleeping arrangements. We can help with all that and more.

Read through this vast range of services that CaravanMart Townsville offers, then give us a call. You can be assured all work will be carried out in our workshop by our qualified tradesmen – you can rely on us not only for advice but we will deliver quality work first time, every time.

Awnings, Canvas & Upholstery

Most caravans and RVs have awnings, annexes, vinyl and upholstery of some sort. We need these for shade, privacy and comfort. Do you have enough shade and privacy?

Whether you have conventional roll-out awnings, electric awnings or the wind out models – does the mechanism work properly, is the canvas moldy, smelly, old and need replacing?

How desperate did you feel when you discovered a rip in the gauze or canvas or when the red wine spilled and stained your gorgeous cushions? These things, unfortunately, do happen but it’s not the end of the world, our team at CaravanMart Townsville can help you find an affordable way to either mend or replace these items.

Water & Plumbing

Our team at CaravanMart Townsville can supply, fit and repair all your water and plumbing needs:

  • Water and waste tanks

  • Water heaters

  • Caravan & RV plumbing

  • Water systems

  • Showers

  • Basins/sinks

  • Water pumps


  • Replacing hot water anodes

  • Fitting tow aides and Anderson plugs

  • Leaking windows

  • Leaking roof hatches

  • Changing broken door locks

  • Blocked A/C drains

  • Testing and replacing clearance and marker lights

  • Replacing broken drop down legs

  • Installing sliding pantry shelves

  • Replacing caravan doors and access doors

  • Sealing screws under j-mould to prevent water leaks


  • Windguard antennas

  • Annex walls

  • Access doors for extra storage

  • Slide outs for BBQ and outside kitchens

  • Drop down picnic table

  • Wine fridges

  • Storage bins

  • Checker-plate Side or Front/Rear Cladding